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Mass Schedule



DATE                         GRADE                     THEME/SAINT/MEMORIAL

Note: “ordinary time” or a saint that is not a major saint means you can choose the theme (and readings). I have bolded the saint's name if it is a major feast that means the readings are set for that day. However, on “ordinary time” days you might want to choose the following Sunday readings. This way the children would be set to hear God’s Word better on that Sunday.


August/ Sept.




August 31                    Teachers/Staff            Opening of School/ Holy Spirit Theme


Sept. 7                         Student Council         Ordinary

                                     Dr. Beller


Sept. 14                       5                                  Exaltation of the Holy Cross


***Sept. 21                 4                                  St. Michael


Sept 28                        Father Joe is not here           Sts. Wencelaus and Lawrence Ruiz and his companions





Oct. 5                          3                                  Ordinary



Oct. 12                        2                                  Ordinary 


Oct. 19                        7/8                               St. Isaac Jogues and John de Brebeuf and their companions


Oct. 26                        6                                  Ordinary





Tuesday, Nov. 1                                             All Saints Day—No School


Nov. 2                         ?                                  All Souls Day


Nov. 9                         5                                  The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome


Nov. 16                       4                                  Margaret of Scotland and Gertrude the Great


Nov. 23                                                           No Mass due to Thanksgiving holidays


Nov. 30                       3                                  St. Andrew. Apostle




Dec. 7                          NO Mass due to the Holyday the next day


Thursday, Dec. 8       WHOLE school plans        Feast of the Immaculate Conception--Holyday


Dec. 14                        2                                           St. John of the Cross


Dec. 21                         NO Mass – on vacation

(Dec.24th                       Students combine with Relgious ED for Christmas Eve Mass)


Dec. 28                        NO Mass—on vacation







Jan. 4                           5                                              Ordinary                                 


Jan. 11                         6/7/8                                        Ordinary


Jan. 18                         4                                              Ordinary


Jan. 25                         3                                              The Conversion of St. Paul


JANUARY 29th starts the celebration of Catholic Schools Week and ends on February 4 (Auction?)

                                    Also, January 27 is the Feast of St. Angela Merici






Feb. 1                          Student Council                      Catholic Education Week


Feb. 8                          2                                              St. Jerome Emiliani


February 15h               1 (with help from 6th)             Ordinary


Feb. 22                        7/8                                           The Chair of the Apostle Peter                   






March 1         Whole School              Ash Wednesdaybeginning of Lent



Mar. 8                         5                                                St. John of God


Mar. 15                       NO Mass Spring Break                                                 


March 22                     4                                                  Ordinary


March 29                     3                                                  Ordinary








Apr. 5                           2                                                    Ordinary


Apr. 12                        7/8                                                  Ordinary                          


April 13 Holy Thursday Retreat


April 14 Good Friday---NO School


April 16 EASTER---Alleluia


April 17 Easter Monday---holiday


Apr. 19                        5                                                    Ordinary


April 26                       6                                                    Ordinary





May 3                         4                                                  Ordinary


May 10                        3 and K                                       St. Damien de Veuster (Leper saint)


May 17                         2                                                Ordinary


May 24                        1                                                 Ordinary    



May 31st:                     6/7/8                           The Visit of the Virgin Mary to Elizabeth and the Immaculate Heart of        Mary


June 4                                                            EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATION LITURGY AT 11:00 A.M.


June 7                Dr.Beller               MASS ON THE GRASS























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