Welcome to St Mary's School (grades K-8)
412 N Monroe, Moscow, Idaho 83843  Phone:(208) 882-2121   office@stmarysmoscow.com
St. Rose’s School (N, PK) 412 N. Howard, Moscow, Idaho 83843 Phone: (208)882-4014
...a way of life


Principal    Dr. Jennifer Beller
Business Manager/St. Mary's    Kathy Burton/ Rasheen Acree
Assistant Principal    Peggy Quesnell
Pastor    Father Joseph F. McDonald
Pre-Kindergarten aide/childcare    Erin Fitt
Secretary    Debbie Johnson
Lunch Duty    Peggy Quesnell/Elizabeth McEvoy

St. Rose's School

Business Manager St. Roses    Kathy Burton
Preschool Aide    Jill Niehenke
Pre-Kindergarten aide/childcare    Louise Oliveira
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher    Christina Otto

St.Mary's School

Kindergarten Teacher    Danette Swam
Kindergarten Aide    Volunteers
1st Grade    Sandy Izzo
2nd Grade    Peggy Quesnell
3rd Grade    Pam Wimer
4th Grade    Karen Herrenbruck
5th Grade    Elizabeth McEvoy
Music    Nikki Crathorne
Librarian    Rose Helbling
Classroom Aide   
Classroom Aide/Library/Technology    Rose Helbling
Business Manager/St. Mary's    Kathy Burton/ Rasheen Acree
Custodian and Maintenance    Scott Oliveira
Computer Technician/aide/librari    Rose Helbling
Teacher Grades 6,7,8    Brad Herrenbruck
P.E.    Jennifer Beller, Brad Herrenbruck
Teacher Grades 6,7,8    Lida Wiencek
Teacher Grades 6,7,8    Taylor Bieker
Classroom Aide    Jacquelyn Busch