School and Enrollment Information

Thank you for considering St. Mary’s Parish School as the educational family for your child. It is within a familial environment where a child is known, loved and nurtured, that s/he thrives emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically. St. Mary’s recognizes that you, the parents, are the primary educators of your child and we would be honored to assist you in your ministry of parenting and educating.

St. Mary’s Catholic Parish School has a strong reputation for high academic standards and for encouraging our students to value service, compassion, faith and kindness.

Our goal is to inspire students to become critical thinkers and courageous leaders. Our school environment encourages each student to live the 3Rs: being Respectful, being Responsible and being Resourceful in using their individual gifts to make the world a better place, starting with their school community.
Our History
School Foundation

History St. Mary’s Parish School with St. Rose’s Garden Childcare (Formerly Ursuline Academy)

Our parish school in Moscow has a very rich and long history that began in 1908 when Ursuline nuns came from Ohio under the direction of Mother Rose Galvin, osu. They answered the call by Bishop Glorieux of Idaho to come to Moscow to open a school for the young people of the Palouse, so that they would receive a well-rounded Christian education.  The school has undergone many changes during its history.

The original Ursuline Academy was housed in an old farmhouse in 1908. Many add-ons occurred in the next 50 years to meet the needs of the students. Those who were able to come to the school were educated; those who needed to be boarded, due to distances, were given the space to live, eat, and study. Through World Wars, the Great Depression, epidemics, good times and bad, the Ursuline Sisters and their many co-workers educated countless numbers of elementary school students through the years.  High school education was added when it was needed.  In 1940 the University of Idaho employees expressed the need for quality education and childcare before elementary school. So, the Ursuline Sisters established St. Rose’s for Early Childhood students (Kindergarten and Preschool) —both were not common then as it is now.

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Curriculum for St. Mary’s Parish School Preschool through Eighth Grade

Our integrated curriculum, from pre-school (3-year-old) through 8th grade, has a mission of growing Disciples of Christ. A major focus of our curriculum is learning to grow, work, and thrive as a community of learners in a Christ-centered environment. From kindergarten on, students serve as leaders at the school Mass on Wednesdays where they learn to speak, gain confidence in front of people, and know they are loved by God. In helping our community learn to be present to God in our very busy lives, each day, the entire school takes a few minutes at 12:30 pm where they sit quietly, close their eyes, and listen to and reflect on God’s presence in their lives.

We start each day with an “All-School Assembly” where we recognize your child on their birthday or half birthday with a blessing, recognition of their gifts and talents, and a book that s/he has chosen that goes into the library in your child’s name. We say the Pledge of Allegiance, prayers, and engage children in community. Your child (whether a 3-year-old through 8th grade) becomes known, valued, and loved by everyone in the school. Service, looking to help others, is an important part of our curriculum. 

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School and Enrollment Information

Our school serves Early Childhood (Preschool and Prekindergarten) and the Elementary Grades (K through 8th Grade)

Please call the office at 208-882-2121, email to ask questions or to schedule an appointment to visit. Since our enrollment process is always open, we can welcome you when it is convenient for you and your family.

Tuition: Please contact the school for our current tuition rate. Tuition is payable annually, semi-annually or monthly.

Extended Care and After-School Activities: Extended care is billed on a monthly or drop in rate. It is a nurturing environment where children are safely supervised while completing their homework, eating nutritious snacks and enjoying age-appropriate games and activities.

TutoringEach homeroom currently offers free after-school tutoring twice a week from 3:15-4:15pm.

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St. Mary’s School Foundation

The St. Mary’s School Foundation Endowment Fund began in 1980 with $30,000, and is now (2019) valued close to two million dollars. All earnings on money given to the Foundation help fund the operational expenses for St. Mary’s Parish School. The explicit goal of the St. Mary’s Foundation is to help St. Mary’s School keep tuition costs low so that as many students as possible can experience a Catholic education.


The mission of the St. Marys’ School Foundation is to invite, accept and maximize private support for the School’s curriculum, goals and facilities. The Foundation members prudently manage, invest locally, and steward the assets entrusted to us by donors. We strive to build the financial stability of St. Mary’s School through the development of an Endowment Fund that will provide 50% of the School’s operating budget.

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The Vision for each student at St. Mary’s Parish Catholic School

Imagine your child…
Increasing in respectfulness, resourcefulness and responsibility
Focusing on God’s loving presence
Being guided by devoted and professional teachers
Being equipped to excel and growing in confidence
Becoming dream makers and world changers….
Imagine your child changing the world

By the time they graduate, our students will have gained growth in the three R’s (which are the Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s) that flow from the school’s Philosophy, Mission, and Vision for each student).

Respect (for self and for others),
Responsibility (for self and to others); and
Resourcefulness (using one’s gift to build a better world).